Women of the Mourning Fields (2015)

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Photo credit: Aliza Hoover at Ummatiddle

Nominated for ‘Best Production’ at the Buxton Fringe 2015, ‘Women of the Mourning Fields’ enjoyed a stellar run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

Slandered by history. Forgotten as women.

Rome’s final curtain has fallen, yet three women still linger in the wings. Tainted by Emperor Nero’s legacy, Agrippina fights against the injustice of history. Forced onto the stage with Octavia and Poppaea, another unwelcome performance is imminent… But scripts can always be rewritten. From the writer of First Class (Best New Writing, Buxton Fringe 2014) comes a tale of intrigue, desire and ambition. What happens when you pry the real people from between the pages of history? What happens when the story of these women is finally told?

July 2015 – Buxton Fringe Festival
August 2015 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Grace Gilbert – Agrippina
Sophie Harris – Poppaea
Rebecca Forsyth – Octavia
Alice Markey – Messalina/Drusilla/Acceronia
Alice Paillocher – Acte/Livilla
Joseph McAulay – Nero
Daniel Orejon – Claudius/Otho
Ben Horner – Caligula/Britannicus
James Beagon  – The Voice


James Beagon – Writer/Director
Heather Daniel and Emily Ingram – Assistant Directors
Megan Burt – Producer
Poppy Richards – Costume Manager
Marina Johnson – Technical Manager
Rob Younger – Technical Op
Aliza Hoover – Publicity Design
Victoria Fairlie – Assistant Producer

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