A Winter’s Oresteia (2015)

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Photo credit: Aliza Hoover at Ummatiddle

A Winter’s Oresteia was successfully presented in early 2015 – a chilling new adaptation of an ancient Greek classic: a family tragedy of honour and revenge.

“Fury should serve justice”

 As the Trojan War comes to a close, Clytemnestra waits for the imminent arrival of her sister. Helen of Troy returns with the victorious Greeks, ashamed and disgraced by the devastation she has wrought. Tyndareus, her father, is hosting a seasonal reunion to reconcile the family, but Clytemnestra fears that old enmities will inevitably rise to the surface. Her daughter, Electra, despises her. She cannot connect with her son, Orestes. There is no room to forgive her estranged husband, Agamemnon. All the while, her dead daughter Iphigenia stalks her thoughts and memories. Killed before the war, she waits for her moment to strike…

21st February 2015 – Dionysia Festival, Bedlam Theatre
3rd-6th March 2015 – Summerhall

Iphigenia – Sally Pitts
Clytemnestra – Danielle Farrow
Chrysothemis – Amelia Sutcliffe
Electra – Sophie Harris
Orestes – Joseph McAulay
Aegisthus – Chris Paddon
Agamemnon – Finlay McAfee/James Beagon (Dionysia)
Cassandra – Alice Markey
Hermione – Sarah Crompton
Tyndareus – Daniel Orejon
Menelaus – Jack Mellon
Helen – Jess Kelly/Emily Ingram (Dionysia)
Furies – Heather Daniel, Andrea Gondova, Magdalena Liedl, Tamsyn Lonsdale-Smith, Meera Munoz Pandya and Alice Paillocher

Writer and Director – James Beagon
Assistant Director –
Emily Ingram
Musical Director –
Caroline Lesemann-Elliott
Producer –
Megan Burt
Tech –
Lucy Miu and Marina Johnson
Publicity –
Aliza Razell Hoover
Stage Manager –
Friederike Tabar
Make-up –
Sarah Calmus

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