Julius Caesar (2016)

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Photo credit: Aliza Hoover at Ummatiddle

“Definitely worth watching to see just how successfully Aulos Productions managed this unique and risky concept.”
★★★★, The Student

In 2016, our daring version of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was performed from 1st-5th March in Augustine United Church.

For always, I am Caesar

A brand new twist on Shakespeare’s classic sees the play recast in the cutthroat world of professional football where there’s a grimy underworld beneath the charade of the modern football celebrity. Personal codes of honour are all that are left in a world of corruption, hooligans and futile violence.

Triumph and glory may be eternal, but individuals are not.


Brutus – Lewis Robertson
Cassius – Chris Paddon
Antony – Tom Birch
Caesar – Adam Butler
Portia – Sophie Harris
Calpurnia – Heather Daniel
Casca – Charlie Angelo
Cinna – Daniel Orejon
Decius – Alice Markey
Metellus – Marina Johnson
Trebonius – Joseph McAulay
Octavius – Michael Black
Lucius – Jackie Pineda
Lepidus – Jonathan Barnett
Flavius/Third Commoner – Jacob Close
Marullus/Second Commoner – Rob Younger
Soothsayer/Fourth Commoner – Katherine Bull
First Commoner – Christine Koudreiko


Director – James Beagon
Stage Manager & Assistant Director – Emily Ingram
Producer – Lucia Balestrieri
Costume Managers – Mary Walsh and Arielle Kalin
Tech Manager – Boris Kostadinov
Tech Assistants – Eleanor Wilson and Nina Lotze
Publicity & Photography – Aliza Hoover
Fight Choreography – Rachel Bussom
Secretary – Victoria Fairlie
Set Design – Emily Ingram
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Crompton
Filming and Projection – James Beagon


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