Gobland for the Goblins (2017)

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“A hugely enjoyable show.”
Families Edinburgh

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Choices always matter. Play the videogame and save Gobland! Magic, goblins and gaming combine in this fantasy choose-your-own-adventure play from award-winning writer James Beagon.

Will Spot be a fighter, a rogue or a wizard? Duel the Emperor? Fool the Mole Queen?  Compete in the Gnomish Bake-Off? In this dark fantasy game-world, we invite kids to join the quest and make their own original mark on our story. With the Goblin Empire hanging in the balance, decisions are never as easy as they seem.

The cast & crew for our Edinburgh Fringe 2017 production of Gobland for the Goblins were as follows:


Spot – Camilla Makhmudova
Grumble – Sophie Harris
Game Announcer – John Spilsbury
Spark – Jenny Quinn
Hoblin – Thomas Mugglestone
Woblin – Ellie MacQueen
Troblin – Liam Spooner
Mole Queen – Ola Olsinova
Felion Emperor – James Sullivan
Gnome Supreme – Jamie Gould


Director & Writer – James Beagon
Assistant Director & Set Design – Daniel Orejon
Technical Managers – Boris Kostadinov & Rob Younger
Costume Manager – Arielle Kalin
Press & Marketing Manager – Susan Kidd
Music Composer – Jessica Kelly
Fight Choreographer – Rachel Bussom
Projection Design – Eleonore Dambre
Costume Team – Bobbi Jean Shields & Aimee Whyte
Lighting Op – Liz Marsh
Sound Op – Liam Florence
Publicity Design – Aliza Hoover (Ummatiddle.com)

With special thanks to:

Philip and Mary Beagon, Don and the team at Leitheatre, Emily Ingram and the team from Some Kind of Theatre, Paradise Green, the Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative, Putu Khorisantono, Aimee Izatt, Tatjana Stevenson Oake, Will Naameh, Ross Baillie, Bethan Baillie and Anya Baillie, Dilya Abidova, Iona Tangri, Amy McMonagle, Jacob Close, the Traverse Young Writers group and the Servitor team at St Leonard’s Land.