Antigone na h’Éireann (2018)

Antigone na h’Éireann

All of the elements needed for strong theatre – excellent script and a powerful cast – are present in Antigone na h’Éireann, making it essential viewing.
Manchester Theatre Awards

“As always with Fringe, you see things you might not normally see, where you may be challenged, taken out of your comfort zone and made to sit up and take notice.
Antigone na h’Eireann did all this and more.”
North West End

Nomination – Best Actor (Female)
for Jenny Quinn as Annie
“A refreshing, powerful production; this is a must see.”
Buxton Fringe Reviews

“A thrilling ensemble piece, a clever adaptation, excellently realised and acted.”
Number 9 Reviews

Driven by faith to resurrect the IRA, Annie battles to bring her family the honour they deserve. A new Northern Irish adaptation of the myth by multi award-winning writer James Beagon.

In the not too distant future, a hard-border Brexit has severed Ireland in two once and for all. Annie and her siblings will not let this stand. An unshakeable shadow lingers over their journey as faith, family and factions collide: the shadow of their father and the memory of the Disappeared.

A fresh take on the story, inspired by Sophocles and other sources.

Jenny Quinn
Izzy:  Emer Conway
Erin:  Serena Doran
Teodoir:  Charlie Angelo
Padraig:  Peter Morrison
Eamonn:  Thomas Mugglestone
Colm:  Les Fulton

Director & Writer:  James Beagon
Assistant Director:  Amy McMonagle
Technical Manager:  Rob Younger
Costume & Stage Manager:  Aimee Whyte
Music Composer:  Jessica Kelly
Fight Choreographer:  Rachel Bussom
Set & Publicity Designer:  Eleonore Dambre
Technical Operator: Catriona Salvini
Accent Coach: Daniela Morse-Kopp
Photography: Aliza Hoover (Ummatiddle)

The show will be performed at
the Edinburgh Fringe
3rd-26th August 2018 (excl. 12th & 19th)
6pm at Paradise in the Vault.

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Buxton Fringe
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7th July, 7.30pm
12th July, 9.15pm
13th July, 7.30pm
at The Arts Centre

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We will also be making our debut at the
Greater Manchester Fringe
9th-10th July
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